The fact is that selling things online has never been simpler. There are many eCommerce solutions that can help even complete beginners in this field to start doing business over the Internet right away. However, many of these solutions are actually a little bit expensive. This is the reason why many future entrepreneurs are wondering whether they can open an online store for free through one of these platforms. If you are one of them, you should know that the answer is affirmative. The best part is that there is more than one good solution.


First of all, you can use the famous blog platform known as WordPress. The WordPress platform is not actually a strictly eCommerce platform, but it lets people sell things online too. It has many plugins and gadgets that support this process. In addition, there are millions of sites using this CMS at the moment which is obviously a good sign. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that one of the best eCommerce plugins in the world – WooCommerce – is designed especially for this platform. Remember that this is an open source and free platform which allows some great customizations. If you want to use more of the features of this excellent platform, you will have to choose a plan. Don’t be afraid to try these plans because the prices are more than reasonable.

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Many successful eCommerce websites use Shopify. Building an online store with the help of this famous eCommerce platform will take just a few hours. This is also the simplest and fastest platform. Beginner developers and entrepreneurs should definitely try it. However, the free period lasts for 14 days and after that, you will have to pay at least $9 a month to keep the store running which is not much given that you will get access to many features.


We should also mention BigCartel, one of the leaders when it comes to eCommerce solutions. This is probably the best idea for online stores that don’t have dozens of products in their offer. BigCartel is completely free for up to 5 products. You can also use 5 images per product, sell on Facebook and offer discount codes in the free version. Remember that you can always upgrade the account you have. The most expensive one ($30 a month) will let you add 300 products.